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Annenberg 347

Annenberg 347

Annenberg 347

Annenberg 347 is a medium size conference room equipped with video conferencing capabilities.

Capacity:  15  (1 large table, 15 chairs)


  1. Solstice wireless display from any device
  2. Present from resident computer (Mac)
  3. Present from your laptop (Mac or Windows)
  4. Audio/video conferencing
  5. Resident computer Panopto recording

SESP Classroom Technology Guides

Northwestern Wireless

Select “Northwestern” from the list of available wireless networks on your device. Use your NetID and password to connect.

How to connect to Northwestern wireless on:

  SESPLearningStudio Wireless

In  Annenberg, you have the option to connect “sesplearningstudios” wireless network.  The password will be  posted in SESP classrooms that have Solstice enabled.