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Abbott Hall 1605

Abbott Hall 1605

Abbott Hall 1605

Abbott 1605 is a conference room, equipped with wireless projection, audio/video conferencing, and a resident computer.

Capacity:  10  (1 tables, 10 chairs)


  1. Wirelessly display from any device via Solstice
  2. Project from resident computer (Mac)
  3. Laptop connection via HDMI
  4. Audo/video conferencing

SESP Classroom Technology Guides

  1. Solstice (Wireless projection)
    • From the podium or wall touch panel, choose Solstice from the presentation option
    • Note the Solstice IP address displayed on the room displays
    • Launch Solstice app on you device and enter the IP address and click go
    • Select the content you want to share (Desktop, App Window, Media File)
  2. Resident Computer
    • Choose “Resident Mac” from touch-screen monitor.
    • Use the keyboard and mouse located in the front of the room to control the computer.
  3. Wired Laptop or Tablet (wireless is always an option)
    • Choose “Laptop” from the touch-screen monitor.
    • Plug in your laptop using the HDMI cable in the center console of the table.