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Abbott Hall 1607

Annenberg Room Number

Abbott Hall 1607

Abbott 1607 is a medium-sized classroom, equipped with wireless projection and a touch-screen display.

Capacity: 24


  1. Wirelessly display from any device via Solstice
  2. Project from resident computer (PC)
  3. Touch-screen display
  4. Document camera
  5. Audo/video conferencing

SESP Classroom Technology Guides

  1. Solstice (Wireless projection)
    • From the podium or wall touch panel, choose Solstice from the presentation option
    • Note the Solstice IP address displayed on the room displays
    • Launch Solstice app on you device and enter the IP address and click go
    • Select the content you want to share (Desktop, App Window, Media File)
  2. Resident Computer
    • Choose “Resident PC” from touch-screen monitor.
    • Use the keyboard and mouse located on the pull-out tray in podium to control the computer.
  3. Document Camera (Annenberg 303 )
    • The document camera displays as a source in Solstice. 

      1. Choose “Solstice” from the touch-screen monitor.
      2. On the large display panel, tap the “Add Item” button in the lower left corner of Solstice.
      3. Choose “Attached Sources”, then “Document Camera”
      4. Use the controls on the small touch-screen monitor to zoom in and out or freeze the picture.